KANG DANIEL: A first win at THE SHOW

KANG DANIEL came back today with a trophy from THE SHOW for his song “Paranoia“.

The song “Paranoia” was in the final against “Cinema” by CIX, and “Asurabalbalta” by the group T1419. KANG DANIEL scored a total of 7,985 points, compared to 3,186 and 1,914 points for the other two groups respectively.

If you were not able to see the live broadcast of the show, you can find the announcement of the winner, as well as the performance of KANG DANIEL on Youtube channel The Kpop.

You can also find the performances of the other participants. Congratulations to KANG DANIEL for this first win with his single “Paranoia“, but also to the groups CIX and T1419 for their rise to the final.

If you enjoyed KANG DANIEL‘s comeback, you can go show your support on Twitter with the hashtag #paranoia.

Journalist: Louise
Translator: Louise
Source: SNS The Show

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