APINK: JUNG EUNJI (APINK) and Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT) return for collaboration after nine years

APINK’s JUNG EUNJI and Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT) will come together to sing a soundtrack called “Love day (2021)“.


On February 26th, TOON STUDIO announced that EUNJI and Yoseob will be releasing a collaborative song called “Love day (2021)” on March 5th at 6pm for Naver’s Webtoon, “The guide to right love”.

Love day (2021)” will be a song about the characters “Yoo Yeon” and “Ba Reum” from the webtoon, as it expresses the fresh and warm love that the characters feel for each other.

EUNJI and Yoseob released the song “Love day” in 2012 for “White day”. The song has received a lot of love since its release and will be remade in a 2021 release. Many fans are thrilled to hear the remake of the song coming out after nine years.

The guide to right love” is a work by Nam Soo and received the award for best youth romance, gaining huge popularity with a 9.97 star rating on Naver’s webtoon.

Meanwhile, various artists have already released a collaborative song for the webtoon, and now many are eagerly awaiting the new song performed by JUNG EUNJI of APINK and Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT).

Journalist: Emma
Translator: Shawn
Source: Toon studio

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