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Since September 7th, 2020, BARON, the oldest member of VAV, gives us some news since his military enlistment.

source : VAV’s SNS

Even though he is busy serving his country, BARON always tries to give some news to the members and the fans, but only through the group’s fancafe posts. He posts updates from time to time, for example to wish a happy new lunar year to the vampz, and also to wish them happy holidays, or talk about his daily life at the military camp. He talks about his scedule, he says that he works on the morning, and then he studies, exercises for 2 or 2 hours before taking a shower and going to bed, but before going to sleep, BARON, still true to himself does some cleaning. He also talked about a challenge of the 100 days of the new year, which consists of exercising during 100 days after the new year, to be healthier.

In addition to talking about his daily life, he also talks about what recently happened at the military base. On February 20th, he shared on the fancafe that he is preparing a dance cover of the song “dynamite” by BTS with some friends he made. He also said that he doesn’t know if the video will be uploaded on social media, but he will tell us later if it happens. He then ends his post by saying that

One of the reasons I decided to participate is because I think this is a good way to show vampz that I am doing okay ! I am healthy with a strong body and a clear mind, so I hope vampz will see our video !” 

Despite his hard schedule, BARON always fin time to please his fans. He recently decided to de a random draw and call some fans who had a korean phone number, drectly from the military camp. The event went by perfectly, so BARON promised to do a new random draw but this time for international fans. Unfortunately, it is not possible for him to do long distance calls from his base. So he promised to do that random draw during his vacation, where no date has been posted yet.

While waiting for the end of his service on March 7th 2022, and while waiting for the fancall, you can still enjoy some interactions between the members and BARON on Instagram (@baron.vav), where we often see the oldest member comment under the other members’ posts.

Journalist: Solenne
translator : Solenne
Source : VAV’s SNS

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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