SPILL THE BEAT : You were waiting for him, this is NUBES

His name and talent were mentioned during our interview with D.CLOW, today SPILL THE BEAT at the pleasure of introducing NUBES!

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~ Head in the clouds:

Between 2015 and 2016, Won Min Jae became more and more interested in music and began to produce lyrics and upload his titles under the name of NUBES. “Clouds” in Spanish, the musical journey of NUBES is only a beginning and the young boy lets himself be guided by life.

What he makes of NUBES an interesting artist is his ability to adapt his style and convey his messages. It is without specific events, but simply by listening to his desires and inspired by the group JIGGY FELLAZ (Korean hihphop team which counted among its members artists like DEEPFLOW or LE from EXID).

“Work hard so that I can die in comfort” – NUBES

“I have made the title “SID VICIOUS” on Soundcloud. Many people have reacted to it, this will stay in my heart since I have worked very hard on this song.” – NUBES

NUBES likes to experiment. At this point to have a style of music, for the message and the feeling translated in his texts are more important, and his style adapts.

His texts sometimes speak of broken love but also criticize society and the world in which he lives. Aware that living from music as an independent artist in Korea best not easy thing, this art is what he describes as a light that illuminates his thoughts and liberates them from his torments.

A rather dark and introvert style, NUBES has a sensitivity that fits very well with that of other members of its group UNDER DOG VIBES.


In October 2020, SPILL THE BEAT was given the opportunity to have D.CLOW for a written interview. In the latter, the rapper had recommended us to take a look at the NUBES members. Both are part of UNDER DOG VIBE, a band that performs and creates to offer more content to their listeners.

The group always wants to be close, and each one brings his own style. There is a real complicity between the members and their music is intended to be encouraging and creative.

~ Plans for 2021 :

NUBES has no releasing date yet but he is working on an album !

Like many independent artists, money is the main barrier to the development of his art. However, we can already see that NUBES invests a lot for his productions. In this year 2021, it would like to make more music videos.

Especially in times of coronavirus, the music industry has taken a hit and many artists around the world are suffering from it. If you wish, it is possible to make donations to artists via Spotify or Soundcloud. And even without donations, a comment or sharing on social networks sometimes gives a lot of courage. Continue to give strength to artists all over the world.

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