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A.C.E: Get to know LEE DONGHUN

LEE DONGHUN group A.C.E‘s  main vocal , was born on February 28th, 1993 in Gyeonggi, South Korea. He has an older brother.


As a child, after seeing his mother win an award on the show “Dojeon Jubu Gayo Star” he decided to become a singer.

In 2013 he participated in the show Super Star K 5 with the group Plan B.

At that time DONGHUN was giving singing lessons to high school students while continuing his lessons at university.

After Super Star K5 he joined CJ E&M as a trainee, he met JUNHEE and SEHYOON, A.C.E ‘future members.

DONGHUN wanted to be a singer not an idol so he only started taking dance lessons late and worked very hard,  he was able to rely on the support and guidance of JUNHEE and SEHYOON to be same level than other A.C.E members

IN 2015, DONGHUN left CJ E&M for BEAT INTERACTIVE and prepared to debut with the other members of the future A.C.E.

Like the other members of the group, DONGHUN makes appearances in several shows and dramas, takes part in buskin in the streets of Seoul and posts covers on the group’s youtube channel to make a little notoriety before being able to debut.

In 2017, the group finally debuts but the success is not there. To boost the popularity of the group, at the end of 2017, the members participate in two survivial shows DONGHUN, SEHYOON and BYEONKWAN at Mixnine on JTBC and YUCHAN and JUNHEE at The Unit on KBS.

DONGHUN was one of the show’ winners, but following a disagreement between YG Entertainment and the participating agencies, the group from the show never debut.

DONGHUN therefore returned to A.C.E with the other members but without YUCHAN who redebut with UnB the group formed following the show The Unit.

In March 2018, DONGHUN participated in the writing of “5TAR” to thanks the fans who was waiting for them during the survivals.

In addition to these activities within the group DONGHUN participated in Hong Chang Woo’s project “FIRST STORY FIRST LOVE” by performing the title “First love” with JUN and CHAN. Still with JUN and CHAN he participates in December 2020 in the original band of the drama “Kairos” with the title “Where are you”.

Being the oldest of the group but also very teasing DONGHUN takes care of his members in a discreet way except for CHAN (the youngest), whom he covers with love and hugs. DONGHUN has a strong temperament so he has no problem reframing his fans or even Yang Hyunsuk.

But this temperament is accompanied by an extreme sensitivity which he expresses at very rare times; for A.C.E 3rd anniversary concert A.C.E for example or by messages in the fancafé

From exceptional vocalist, DONGHUN rose to complete artist through hard work, we can only wish him many opportunities to show the full extent of his talent to the public.

You can support and interact with DONGHUN on  A.C.E sns.

TikTok: official_ACE7
Youtube:official A.C.E

Journalist: Subaru
translator: Subaru
Soucre: Beat Interactive/JTBC/Mnet

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