Saturday, December 2, 2023
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JACKSON WANG : Back with a “Magnetic” collaboration with Rain

RAIN‘s collaboration with JACKSON WANG for “Magnetic” is out!

MAGNETIC – Rain & Jackson Wang

For the release of “PIECES by RAIN“, the famous Korean singer revealed “Magnetic“, the second track of his mini-album in collaboration with JACKSON WANG.

In this song, JACKSON showcases his atypical voice in a new way while singing about this love that we cannot let go because “no matter how hard I resist, [I’m] stuck on you like magnetic“.

This collaboration with JUNG JI HOON brings his numerous musical talents in the foreground of the Korean scene. Not only his name is listed as an interpret, he is also credited as the lyricist, composer, arranger and producer of the song, along with BOY TOY and ONE WAY.

With all the songs he has released in China and globally since 2017 newly available on Korean streaming platforms, this is his first time promoting as a solo artist in Korea, the country where he debuted his musical career back in 2014. This first collaboration is an immediate success: while being a side-track of the mini-album, “Magnetic” took the top of musical charts as it debuted on Bugs and Genie’s TOP100 real-time chart and ranked 8 at the World iTunes Song Chart.

As we wait for his next March projects, we can spend some time listening to  “Magnetic” on all streaming platforms here.

Journalist: Catherine
Translator: Catherine

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