SHOW ME YOUR VOICE: A French adaptation

After Mask singer, France resumes the show “I can see your voice“.

M6 has just announced that the channel takes the concept of the South Korean show “I can see your voice” and adapts it in France under the name of “Show me your voice“.

In the original show in South Korea, it consists of a jury with several personalities (singers, actors, comedians, television personalities) who must help a solo artist or music group to guess among the 6 contestants, who is a true or false singer. Here is an example in which the group SEVENTEEN thinks that these 3 young girls are not singers.

And here’s another snippet from the Korean version:

For the French adaptation, a jury of personalities will help two anonymous candidates to unmask the good and bad singers. In both types of programs, the show takes place without hearing the voices of the alleged singers. If these 2 candidates manage to disentangle the true from the false, they can win a check for 20,000 euros.

The personalities planned for this game would be Philippe Lellouche, Elodie Gossuin, Eric Antoine, Helene Ségara, Elodie Frégé and Booder. The host who will be responsible for directing the show is Issa Doumbia.

The concept of the show “I can see your voice” has already been taken up in about fifteen countries around the world, such as the USA,

but also in Norway, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, India, Mexico, Estonia, Lithuania …

The Korean show is very successful in its country and even abroad, both thanks to its talented singers but also the good humor that reigns throughout the show.

While the French adaptation will give, you will soon know more, so stay tuned.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Mnet

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