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BTOB : LEE MINHYUK starts a vlog

LEE MINHYUK, also known as HUTA, starts his first VLOG after 9 years.

While the sub-unit of BTOB, gathering SEO EUNKWANG, LEE MINHYUK, LEE CHANGSUB & SHIN PENIEL, is getting ready to participate to the show KINGDOM, LEE MINHYUK starts his first VLOG.

BTOB, from CUBE ENTERTAINMENT, debuted in 2012 with the song “Insane“. Since, the group has been through a long way until their last song “Show your love“, in 2020,sang by the sub-unit BTOB 4U, which has known a good success.

The members SEO EUNKWANG, LEE MINHYUK & LEE CHANGSUB have made their military service and cameback last year, then creating the second sub-unit of the group, gathering up with SHIN PENIEL. The members YOOK SUNGJAE & IM HYUNSIK will be discharged on November 14th this year.

After a 9 years career that’s still on going, LEE MINHYUK starts his own VLOG, the “HUTA_LOG“, in which he wants to share, with the fans, his daily routine. Already subtitled in English, the first video is about the early morning routine of HUTA, from when he wakes up until his breakfast.

First hesitating, LEE MINHYUK explains that he thought he’d feel ease after so many years in front of cameras but recording a VLOG is a whole new experience for him. But, once the breakfast’s ready and the camera’s on the table, he quickly forgets being uncomfortable and becomes natural, completely immersed in his favorite TV Show as he’s eating. The episode, lasting for 7 minutes approximately, also shows some extracts of the incoming videos.

Melody, stay tuned !

Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source : CUBE



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