VAV : Jacob, Ayno et Lou poses for INDEED.

AYNO, JACOB et LOU, the three VAV members born in 1996, poses for the 11th volume of the magazine INDEED.


Going from vintage coloured pictures to black and white shoots, the three members of VAV who all already worked as models, are under INDEED’s spotlight on their own or together, rocking their outfits. The magazine is not released yet outside of South Korea, but some pictures got released in order to draw attention of fans and make them want to pre order the images of their favourite idols on glazed paper.


We can’t wait for the magazine to be released in the entire world, to finally discover all the pictures the members took for INDEED ! You will be able to get your magazine on the website of YES24 !


Journalist: Solenne
Translator : Solenne
Source : INDEED

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