Saturday, September 30, 2023
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BENJI : Newsletter of the week

BENJI, a former singer of the group B.I.G, is now pursuing his solo career. If you want to catch up with the last news, this article sums up everything.


BENJI officially came back on Twitch this week and talked with his fans.

Tuesday, March 23rd

BENJI was live on Twitch where he played « To The Moon ». He recommends playing the games « Omori » and « To The Moon », two games with a really good scenario, and apparently a tearful ending.


Thursday, March 25th

BENJI met his fans on Twitch to talk and listen to music.


You can support Benji by following him on his SNS:
Twitter: @baenjii1
Instagram: @baebenji92
Twitch: @baenjii
Youtube: Baenjii
Naver Cafe: Baenjii Café
Discord: BenSprouts

Journalist: Florence
Translator: Florence

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