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DAY6 : The comeback is announced

JYP ENTERTAINMENT published the very first poster for the comeback of DAY6.


DAY6, who’s known a temporary break in its activities due to some members suffering from anxiety, had announced a comeback for April. Since that announcement, the fans were desperately waiting for some updates.

Done ! JYPE just uploaded the very first poster announcing the band’s comeback to be on April 19th !

I orange colors, the incoming album will continue the series of “THE BOOK OF US“, after “THE BOOK OF US : THE DEMON“, released in 2020, few days before the announce of the pause.

Great news for fans who’s emotions were strong when SUNGJIN had announce, during a live, his enlistment only one hour before the H time. He will not be able to do the promotion of the album but he did participate.

Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source : DAY6 SNS



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