BTS: The Japanese comeback is fast approaching!

4 days ago, without warning, Hybe Labels offered us an M/V teaser for the Japanese return of the members of “BTS“, a title called “Film out“:

Small parenthesis: HYBE Labels is now the new name of Big hit Entertainment.

« Lalalalalala… »

A heady tune to the rhythm of the images which follow one another, showing us the members of “BTS” somewhat pensive, dreamy, absorbed by their thoughts …

Some members are not just absorbed in their thoughts, a scared KIM TAEHYUNG and KIM SEONKJIN, a surprised JEON JUNGKOOK

Next comes an hourglass image. Hourglass, a sign of the passing of time which seems to be the cause of the terror of KIM TAEHYUNG and KIM SEOKJIN.

And finally, KIM SEOKJIN, always in frightened tones, running to catch up with someone, something or just lost time …

BTS will return with the title “Film out” on April 2nd at 00:00.


Journalist: Nicolas
Translator: Shawn
Source: HYBE Labels

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