NTX: New successful performance

Ten-member boy group NTX dominated the scene with their colorful charm.


NTX, HYEONGJIN, YUNHYEOK, JAEMIN, CHANGHUN, HOJUN, EUNHO, JISEONG, SEONGWON, GIHYUN and RAWHYUN, appeared on SBS’s Inkigayo, which aired on the afternoon of April 4th.

NTX, who staged their title track “Kiss the world” that day, showed off their unique appearance with their relaxed, refreshing style and began to move fans’ hearts with their 10 warm visuals and 10 personalities.

In particular, NTX showed off its stable vocal and rap skills, which are unlike rookies, and its addictive melody combined with the strong voices of the members, captivating the ears of viewers.

NTX not only made a strong impression with its dance and group performance, but also proved the appearance of “world super rookies” with its relaxed expressions and stage performance.

NTX will continue to actively meet fans around the world.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SBS

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