LEE JINHYUK : A funky comeback

The artist LEE JINHYUK, member of the boysband UP10TION under the agency TOP MEDIA, unveils his new solo album entitled “SCENE26” this April 5.


The young man makes his comeback during a showcase live on YouTube. Aged 26, it is with a mini album of the same name that he returns to the stage, carried by the title song “5K“. To show its maturity gained since its beginnings, JINHYUK offers two versions for this album, the version “REEL” with an urban atmosphere, and “ROLL“, with a sensitive atmosphere. The artist has been very busy since his previous album since he both prepared his comeback, participated in the KCON, and appeared in a musical. The concept of “SCENE26” is the first love, carried by titles composed by the young man. To draw attention to his work, he chose a particular haircut, half of his hair being gray.

“It was while preparing this album that I realized that I was already 26 years old, and that I had achieved so much” – LEE JINHYUK 

The young man then presents each song from his mini album, starting with the title song “5K“, which phonetically in Korean, pronounces “okay”, this is why this term rhythms the chorus of this track. It’s a funky song to show the musical imprint of JINHYUK that expresses the fact of falling in love like watching a television in 5K. For him, the most important thing in the choreography is when he sings “okay” because he interacts with his audience. The second title of this album is “Silence“, which means that the person does not need to say anything for him to understand his thoughts. The artist highlights his powerful rap here. Then, the song “Asteroid” is presented, of a rock genre to portray the children’s dreams of the singer.

The fourth track is called “Hati-Hati” highlights, again, the rap of the young man via a hard trap genre. Hati-Hati comes from the Indonesian, a term he has often heard from his fans to tell him to be careful. The following track, “Be half-awake‘, which tells the story of JINHYUK‘s life, and what he does during a day. The penultimate song, “Wave“, is special for the singer, because it’s a style he’s never tested before (boom-bap genre), and he wrote the lyrics in its entirety. Finally, “Coup d’etat” concludes this album, describing the artist’s desire to find his way. Once the presentation of his album is complete, JINHYUK performs his new title track “5K“.

“After trying musicals, my next challenge would be to appear in a movie.” – LEE JINHYUK 

He later returned to his haircut, which drew the attention of the public who wondered if he was referring to a candy, or a mint-chocolate ice cream, before discovering that the color was not mint, but ice gray. After ten months since his debut, the singer hopes that this album will please his fans, because he has prepared a lot to show various facets of his musical imprint. He also wishes to have written titles that will remain in the minds of the people who will listen to them. The clip of “5K” has not yet been broadcast, he gives himself backstage, revealing that the clip was shot during a single shoot, as far as the choreography is concerned, which represented a novelty for the young man. He has made great efforts to develop his musical career, and calls for television shows to participate, which he has not yet had the chance to do.

Before concluding the showcase, JINHYUK says he will continue to work hard to keep improving, and as he has started musicals, he will continue to develop this side of his career, while preparing for his other activities. Looking forward to seeing his fans again, he hopes the pandemic will come to an end quickly, and wishes everyone well to stay healthy.

Discover without further ado the new title of JINHYUK, “5K“:

The words of our reporter: “Dynamic song that highlights the good mood of the artist, who will undoubtedly hold good promotions.”

Journalist : Pillet Anaïs
Translator: Pillet Anaïs
Sources : KSTATION TV, TOP Media

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