B.I.G : Performing at the « KOREA-UAE K-POP FESTIVAL »

B.I.G showed its global idol status through the « KOREA-UAE K-POP FESTIVAL » stage.


On April 8th, B.I.G appeared on SBS MTV during the « KOREA-UAE K-POP FESTIVAL » (Korea-Arab Emirates K-POP Festival). The concert was held in commemoration of the Year of Mutual Cultural Exchange between Korea and the United Arab Emirates. During the event, B.I.G impressed fans around the world with their stage dedicated to Arab fans.

First, GUNMIN and the Arab singer FATIMA AL HASHIMI covered the song « Dream » by SUZY and BAEKHYUN with their sweet voice.

B.I.G then showed their charm with the cover stage « 3Daqat » of the Egyptian singer ABU. They showed their harmony despite the difficult language and they added a cute choreography for a perfect performance.

B.I.G greeted the audience in Arabic adding: « It’s been a year since we went to our fan meeting in Abu Dhabi. It was nice to feel the culture of the United Arab Emirates. »

They also introduced Gyeongju to fans who were interested in Korean culture and added: « There’s a Korean food that you should try, and it’s kimchi. Eat a lot of this specialty that we are proud of. »

B.I.G is the first k-pop group to release a comeback in Arabic. The members performed the Arabic version of their song « Illusion » on stage. Global fans enthusiastically responded to their charismatic performance and deadly charm.

The group is also known for its Global Cover Project on Youtube with the songs  La Bezzaf », « LM3ALLEM », « Boshret Kheir » et « 3DAQAT ». In 2019, they received the « Korean Award for Glowing the Republic of Korea » in recognition of their contribution o promoting K-POP to the Arab region.

It was also the last stage for B.I.G as five members since MINPYO’s contract got terminated recently. B.I.G is now a four members group with J-HOON, GUNMIN, HEEDO and JINSEOK.

B.I.G: MINPYO does not renew his contract

You can find the « KOREA-UAE K-POP FESTIVAL » starring B.I.G on The K-POP’s Youtube channel as well as the fancams for each member.

Journalist: Florence
Translator: Florence
Source: GH Entertainment

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