GREATGUYS: The last teaser before the d-Day

After a first video teaser and two days before the official release of GREATGUYS’ comeback, a last video teaser has been posted on social networks.

This Friday, April 16, two days before the official release of the single “AGAIN” of the tallest group of Kpop, GREATGUYS, the group unveils their second video teaser for the music video of “Touch by touch“.

The video starts with an individual shot of each member in the following order : UIYEON, DAUN, DONGIN, HANEUL, HWALCHAN, HORYEONG and finally the maknae (the youngest member of the group), BAEKGYEOL. Then, the video continues on shots of the group dancing the choreography in front of several sets, such as a funfair (reminiscent of the childhood and freedom we had before the beginning of the pandemic), with vintage outfits that we had seen in the teasers photos a few days before. There is also a more sober but colorful background in the shades of gold/red/pink in coordination with their costumes, whose unique presence of a jacket for DONGIN, HANEUL and HWALCHAN thus deflecting their chest, which is sure to capsize the heart of the Graces (fans of the group). But still, we find a rather architectural background that reminds us of the front of a museum (infrastructures once again open before the sanitary situation), accompanied by showy and colorful outfits with lots of motifs.

In view of the photos and videos with which the group has regaled us since the beginning of April, we hope that the quality of this new comeback will arouse the curiosity of people who don’t know them. By specifying that the group is made up of 9 members but that two are currently absent: JAEI, the leader who is on hiatus for health reasons and DONGHWI who has been in the army since November 2020.

Keep in mind that DNA Entertainment (the group’s agency) organized a video calling event with the group members. You only have to buy an album to have a chance to enter the draw to win a call with the group. Beware, a purchased album equals a chance in the draw. You can pre-order your or your albums via this link: !

The official release of the comeback is scheduled for Sunday, April 18th at 6pm.

                                                                                                                                           Journalist: Nana
Source : DNA Entertainment

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