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While everyone was preparing their new year celebration (only with few guests of course) a young artist unveiled on SoundCloud his mixtape. Under his alias ON, we discover Kim Seung Su, a young adult who has a lot of things to share.

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~ Being true to yourself through music, unveiling your talents on Soundcloud :

“Since I was growing up, becoming an adult, I thought it was important for me to choose a path of passion for work” – ON

When Kim Seung Su reach his twenties, like every young adult, he is wondering about his future. All his questions join into a point: he needs to live for his passion. And his passion since 2016, is music. After some time working by his own, Kim Seung Su opens a Soundcloud account under his stage name “ON“.

ON‘s activities on social medias are pretty regular. We can’t find a nice amount of songs uploaded on 2020 which can be defined by one feeling: the search of perfection. The picky and creative personality is definitely a charm asset of the young ON. Even tho he has been under a lot of depressive feeling during his year 2020, he does not lock himself in one theme, mood or style. Of course we can easily notice that ON has a special attach to a rather hiphop style, he has the agility to create universes specific to each title he proposes.

The oldest title on SoundCloud that is still available is from 2 years ago, it is a featuring song with FAMOUS B and COOK. To be supported and supporting with his cremates, here is how ON enjoys creating songs. Like everyone, and for all arts, he starts making music by his own, from his room, but the artist feels like he does not improve, he needs more advices and an external point of view, so a brand new working area is needed.

“At first I have practiced and developed my abilities from home, recording myself in my room. But when I was working alone like this with none to listen to my songs I felt like I needed a more stimulating environment so with my friends we decided to build up our crew and also it was more convenient for our finances. ” – ON

ON besides his crew mate YOUNG B & friends

Through this collaboration with his friends, who has the same passion and ambitions, ON finds his music a little bit more exposed and find courage to perform outside.

“Until now I keep the same path of thinking, stay true to this, and I’m trying to take every opportunity that comes.” – ON

When we listen to ON’s songs from the oldest to earliest, we can easily find that he has evolved, grew up, and turned into something more perfect. He explains himself: he has started music on a rather “boom boom clap” pattern, but it has now more a melodic style.

Its influences are numerous. It is with a lot of emotions that the artist has attended to a live performance from JUSTMUSIC (label in which you can find artists such as SWINGS, GIRIBOY, BLACKNUT, NOCHANG, C JAMM, HANYOHAN and JIMMY PAIGE). When he leaves the concert with goosebumps, ON who loved having fun by listening to them feels inside of his heart a growing feeling, he also wanna make people enjoying their time with his songs.

“The first time I have head about LEELLAMARZ I had not special thoughts about him but later on, me and my team we noticed how various was his spectrum and I stated to find out that I also wanted to be such an artist” – ON

Here is how the violinist-rapper LEELLAMARZ turns to be a role-model to ON. since the rappeur listen to a lot fo different genre of music, his area; collaborations are pretty various as well. On a rather RnB vibe, his collaboration goals are LEEBADA, BIBI and SOGUMM and on a rap style it would be OWEN OVADOZ, DON MALIK, WALO, the flexibility of ON‘s artistic performance, he will be definitely able to fit to these different style and voice of these artists. Let’s hope to meet him among with these artists very soon.

A music inspired by people, aiming to to inspires, so is the music of ON.

~ His year 2020 one a mixtape :

ON – “CAN’T HEAR ANYMORE” Mixtape cover designed by CHOI Gyu Yeon

In 2020, December 30th, SoundCloud has seen its library fed by “CAN’T HEAR ANYMORE” a mixtape released by ON. Made of 8 tracks, the artist aimed to create something with various styles and différents moods for each song. Sometimes rough rapping styles, the atmosphere turns to something more melancholic and dreamy, in this mixtape you will be sure to find a track to add to your current playlists

“I think I still can’t define it […] I’d say that I am more like a painting that has no ends because you want to add more and more stuff in it […] I think I’ll be able to make myself more like a colorful painting.” – ON

The rappeur do feel the need to renew his style, themes and moods. A search to perfection and a great curiosity that brings his tracks to the next level. Inspiration comes by observing the world around him and experiencing new emotions. Whether it is depression, sadness, excitement or happiness, the converting point of these feelings into lyrics helps him to move forward and fight against the world’s pressure.

ON explains a lot more about the mixtape. He tells us that his year 2020 has been highly affected by depression. Until he could receive help he had translated into lyrics and gathered in the mixtape “CAN’T HEAR ANYMORE” his experience of constant mood and humor changements, the duality of giving up and fighting to get better.

Among titles which have been released, ON explains about “TRIP”. A song he would like to retake.

“It’s one of the brightest and most exciting songs, but it’s full of melancholic emotions, and maybe it’s because I was so depressed.

I thought I sang it with my energy, but now that I listen to it, it doesn’t seem like I recorded it brightly…I thought it would be better to sing it in a better mood…” – ON

The report follows by saying that he really want to sing it again with a more happy mood.

His honesty is the drive of his mixtape. “Not listening to anything”, “being stubborn” this is how was ON’s mind on the year 2020. But for him, admiring his status, not pretending or promoting his “cool” side wouldn’t be good.  He prefers staying honest.

ON ends the introduction of “CAN’T HEAR ANYMORE” by speaking about “쉬어” (rest) a song very close to his heart. He says that the song can be resumed to this: an S.O.S to anyone. The rapper explains that he hardly rests by his own, even if he needs to, he can’t stop taking the time to get the pressure down. With his difficult mental contrition, he knew that he needed to rest but it was still very hard for him. 

“I don’t know how to rest when I really have to, especially last year, so it’s even harder. In “Verse1,” it says, “Take a rest even if you do this on your own.” In “Verse2,” it says, “It’s hard for me to do this. If it gets worse, I’ll be in trouble.” In the end, the hook means that I don’t know how to rest on my own, so I want someone to control me and relieve me of my difficulties.” – ON

A title that contains all of his feelings and thoughts.

~ Projects for 2021 :

ON has started the year 2021 with some brand new songs on SoundCloud but also with his participation to the project “CODE CLEAR remix” with 18 other artists.

As he did with “CAN’T HEAR ANYMORE“, ON is planning to release a mixtape for 2021. prévoit bien de sortir une mixtape pour 2021. The passion that animates the rapper a little more every day, always in search of perfection predicts that his next projects will be even more worked, diverse, but this time ON would like to be able to keep a more uniform style, in order to assert his color.

The year 2021 is still on its way to COVID-19 and ON is also a part of “when COVID is over” team. He would like to perform and released an official single. Meanwhile, he keeps practicing everyday.

But more generally, ON would like to release a single and a music video to fit with it. Secondly, the artist really want to collaborate with other artists.

“Both (goals) have something in common, making my music accessible to the public and raising awareness. It’s my goal.” – ON

ON ends his interview by thanking all those who discover and listen to his music. He says that even if he finds his music still imperfect, he promises to continue to evolve and develop for those who support him.

“I think making money by doing what you like is the happiest thing and you become the coolest person.” – ON

On these beautiful words, SPILL THE BEAT hope that you go follow and support him on his social media !


Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: ON

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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