GREATGUYS: A comeback as a gift for their fans

It is on this Monday April 19th that the group GREATGUYS of DNA ENTERTAINMENT made its comeback, with the title “Touch by touch“.


Composed of members HORYEONG, HWALCHAN, UIYEON, DONGIN, BAEKGYEOL, DAUN and HANEUL (as well as JAEI and DONGHWI who are respectively on hiatus for health reasons and in the process of performing their military service), the group is making its comeback with a special album entitled “AGAIN” with three tracks, “Touch by touch” in English, Korean, and instrumental version. It is during a face-to-face showcase that the group presents this new title to us. It’s a song that allows boys to express how they feel about the global covid-19 situation. Indeed, they express messages such as “we want to work, meet you, travel and love again“, carried by the slogan “We can go back“, with disco sounds.

The showcase begins with the broadcast of the clip, very colorful to match the style of the song. The latter is festive and dynamic, inviting everyone to have fun and party together, while loving each other again. Subsequently, they go on stage to perform the English version of their title song, before making a presentation. The boys seek to bring hope to their fans and anyone who listens to their song. They hope to receive a lot of positive comments for this colorful and upbeat title.

“As the whole world is affected by covid, we have decided to make an English version so that anyone can understand our message.”


Singing in English was a challenge for the group, who had to train hard to perfect their pronunciation. This special album is such a gift for their fans who must be suffering from this pandemic, which is why, even though there is only one song making up this special album, the band decided to make a comeback. More particularly, UIYEON seems moved by addressing a few words on the difficulty that the group felt last year, wondering whether to give up, or on the contrary continue to enjoy their twenties and continue their efforts. Thinking about the love of their fans, and the fact that the pandemic is affecting the whole world, the members have helped each other to come out stronger and offer this gift album. The presenter then seeks to comfort the group, by affirming that it is not an end that the Covid brings, but a renewal, which will make it possible to do new things once the health crisis has subsided.

The boys then present the Korean version of “Touch by touch“, then continue to engage in this comeback. They claim to have prepared a lot of content that they will broadcast in the future on their social networks, and thus ask to keep an eye open on their future activities. They each send a last message to their fans and to the journalists present in the room, hoping that their new title will please, and that the message they seek to convey will be well received in the world. The emotion of the limbs is evident as their throats tighten as they speak. Their desire to have a place in the music industry only got stronger, after several years have passed since their beginnings.

“It is thanks to the love of our fans that we stand on stage today”


The showcase thus closes, and the group leaves the stage after final greetings. Please find below their new song “Touch by touch“:

A word from our journalist: “Colorful and hopeful comeback for this group to whom I wish good luck!

Journalist: Anaïs PILLET
Photos/Vidéo: Anaïs PILLET
Translator: Shawn

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