BIGBANG: G-DRAGON becomes TS Trillion ambassador

While G-DRAGON recently announced that he is in the midst of working on his band’s new album BIGBANG. The brand TS Trillion, announced today that the rapper would be the new face of one of its brands, TS Shampoo on its Instagram account.

The brand had already posted a photo on 18 April that had aroused the curiosity of G-DRAGON‘s fans

On 19 April, TS Trillion confirmed the identity of its new muse, and it’s indeed the leader of BIGBANG.

The TS Shampoo brand markets a range of cosmetics for hair, especially for hair loss. The brand defines itself in three words: Natural, Safe and High Functional . According to their website their products cover 54.2% of the market share of shampoos for hair loss treatment in Korea.

G-Dragon was chosen as a model, considering its unrivaled awareness and presence

TS Shampoo also said that G-DRAGON would participate in the campaign through advertisements and the brand’s social networks. The BIGBANG leader joins football player SON HEUNG MIN and actor LEE JANG WOO in promoting the brand.

To be continued.

Journalist: Mmmrci
Translator : Mmmrci
Sources : TS Trilion SNS

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