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DAY6 : The band will not promote their album

JYPE‘s new announcement is like a bomb for DAY6 fans.

Day 6

When DAY6‘s fans finally had a very waited comeback after 11 months break, JYP ENTERTAINMENT made an announcement that provokes an emotional lift.

On May 11th 2020, the company JYP ENTERTAINMENT was announcing that, due to some members suffering of anxiety, the band DAY6 woul dn ot be able to make the promotion of their new album “THE BOOK OF US : THE DEMON” which title-track was “Zombie“.

Since then, fans have been waiting for a comeback with the full group. Done since yesterday, April 19th, when the new album “THE BOOK OF US : NEGENTROPY” was released with the title-track “You make me“. The song, on Youtube, almost reached 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours.

But, JYPE‘s new announcement was like a bomb for fans who are having hard times understanding this statement.

Indeed, the company announced that the band DAY6 would not make any promotion for the new album due to SUNGJIN’s recent enlistment. In the message, JYP ENTERTAINMENT announces that, after a talk with the members, they decided that it was better to not promote the album without the leader of the band because they wanted the fans to always see DAY6 as a united band.

This decision, taht some fans don’t understand, provoked a lot of reactions through the fandom, since MY DAYs wanted to show their support and recognition to the band after such a necessary break.


Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha



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