KINGDOM: Performance reaches new level

The new episode of “KINGDOM: Legendary war” has just ended and the least we can say is that it is full of surprises.

First of all, let’s go back to the 3 performances that we saw last week with the groups SF9, THE BOYZ and IKON.

The first group that performed is SF9 which cover the title “Stealer” and adapted it with a Korean “Mafia” version.

The second group is THE BOYZ, the boys readapted the title “The red wedding” by mixing ballroom dancing in its interpretation.

To end the episode IKON had closed the show with a performance on the title “Inception“, making you plunge into a new universe.

As for today’s performances, we were able to watch, first of all, that of the group ATEEZ, the boys who caused a sensation during the previous round, had immense pressure. After discussion they decided to use the title “Rythm ta (The awakenin of summer)“, emblematic title of the group IKON. Are you ready to watch the “Ateez” version?

The members of the group clearly hit the mark with this new version, even if it means that the other groups wonder if the title doesn’t belong to ATEEZ.

The second performance of the evening is that of the senior group BTOB. The 4 members of BTOB 4U quickly displayed that they were singers and that their performances were live only. Will it be the same this time around? The members understood well that the other groups are performers with the use of sets, concept, dance, which the boys reserve for us this time by reworking the title of the group STRAY KIDSBack door“.

BTOB have understood everything, they know that their live performance makes the difference and this time they have decided to raise the level by asserting that the “Sunbaes” are not left out against the younger generations.

To finish with the 6th performance, it is the group, which currently dominates the show, STRAY KIDS, which presents itself on stage with a cover of the title “I’ll be your man“. The boys decided to hit it hard with a concept that would take you to heaven ?!

Lots of surprises in this performance, with reversals of position between rapper and vocalist, but above all a live performance to honor their sunbaes.

Attention below the results of the end of the episode, if you have not watched it, do not go further.

The first column of note is that which represents the “specialists” appointed by Mnet. The second column represents the marks given by the groups themselves, between them and finally the last column represents the total of the marks.

These results were a shock both positive and negative, in fact the 2 groups which find themselves last were at the top of the classification during the previous round. THE BOYZ, the big winner of “Road to Kingdom” knows for the first time the feeling of being at the bottom of the ranking, it’s a shock but the boys take it in the most positive way possible by saying to themselves that it suits them. give the desire to give, even more, during performances.

The same goes for the group STRAY KIDS, all the groups are still very surprised by this result and I.N risks blaming himself for his little mistake.

The surprises also come from the first two who brought a lot of work and were able to mark the spirits with their performances. SF9 that were at the bottom of the rankings woke up and harnessed their talent to perform. ATEEZ impose their style and gave a real new life to the title of the group IKON.

With all these results, the competition is totally relaunched, when the first pass last and vice versa, this means that nothing is yet done and that we will have to expect even more powerful performances.

In relation to all these results KSTATION TV gives you its opinion, as well as that of fans from different countries allowing you to compare with yours and those announced by Mnet.

(Criteria taken into account: the performance, the choreography, the atmosphere, the concept, the outfits, the feeling …)
RANK GROUPS (Maximum 60 points) Waiting 5 journalists
1 STRAY KIDS (25 points)
2  ATEEZ (23 points)
3 THE BOYZ (18 points)
4  BTOB / SF9 (16 points)
5  (points)
6 IKON (7 points)




1 1
2 2
4 4
5 5
6 6



1 1 IKON
4 4 SF9
6 6 BTOB

Finally here are the full performance links (without transmission cut-off)

SF9 :

The next episode of “KINGDOM: Legendary war” will take place on Thursday May 6th, be connected.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Mnet

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