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But who is this young man? You don’t know him?


We discovered TIMOTHEE during the Produce X 101 show, indeed he was part of the trainees of Esteem Entertainment and of the few foreigners who participated in the survival of Mnet.

A big surprise for many people who watched this program, because generally the candidates are exclusively Asians or of Asian origin. But for the fourth season Mnet had bet on the popularity of foreign candidates (American, Canadian, Thai, Chinese, Russian and French).

The 4 boys from Esteem Entertainment, all models, passed the auditions in the same way as the other competitors.

The young man was unfortunately eliminated from the show in the first round of voting. After the vote manipulation scandal within Mnet, it was revealed that TIMOTHEE bore the brunt of this manipulation (like other competitors over various seasons).

TIMOTHEE ANZARDI, currently, is still part of ESTEEM Entertainment, as a model he participates in various advertisements, parades … as the website of his agency indicates to us. Most recently he participated in the filming of artist Papageumpa’s MV – “Mafia vibes” alongside former BTL member Joel Kim.

The young man who owns a personal YouTube channel unveiled a teaser last year that could announce his solo debut in the song with the title “Satellite“, but for now with the global pandemic nothing has yet been revealed.

We will regularly follow the evolution and career of the young man to give you news of him and who may know his solo debut.

In the meantime you can follow him on his Instagram : HERE

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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