ZIOR PARK : Creepy-colorful ZIOR PARK is back !

Few weeks ago, BEAUTIFUL NOISE‘s artist ZIOR PARK has announced his upcoming second album “SYNDROMEZ“. Even if public still have to wait a little before the releasing date, ZIOR PARK feeds his fans hunger this monday 17th of May with the MV and new single “HOMEBIRD“.

New style, new hair but his identity still the same. Singing in English, amazing and unique voice and visuals still on fleek. 

The music “HOMEBIRD” is now on every streaming platforms and its music video available on Youtube. In it, we can find a rather retro video style, which was already a part of ZIOR PARK’s previous art direction. We can see the singer, Dr Martens Jadons laced on his feet, hanging outside. The MV ends on a pretty 2D animation with a very nice and interesting designs.

The “Homebird” MV then arrives on streaming platforms as well as the clip on Youtube. We find the retro spirit, already present in the old productions of the young man, and discover the latter, Dr Martens Jadons at his feet, in an outdoor setting. The clip ends with a short 2D animation with a very interesting style. The creepy-colorful side, signature of ZIOR PARK, makes us enter his universe, always so crazy. This single is, once again, a success.

The clip also makes a small dedication to mothers around the world.

The artist of the label created by MOMMY SON will soon unveil the rest of this second album in the coming weeks. The first album released in 2020 as “THUNDERBIRD MOTEL” had been noticed by the audience thanks to the visuals and its main title “LONELY DIVER“.

As well as his live performances entitled “GHOST CEREMONY“.

After the release, ZIOR PARK tease more:

“”HOMEBIRD” was just beginning, Now 큰거온다 (A big thing is coming) on June 3rd” – ZIOR PARK

The audience can only be impatient as to what will happen next. The novelties of ZIOR PARK are eagerly awaited, so in order not to miss anything, follow him on social networks, especially on Instagram and Youtube !

Journaliste: Waterice
Translator: Waterice/Shawn
Source: Zior Park SNS

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