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Usually, SPILL THE BEAT finds artists on Soundcloud and Youtube. But it was on Tiktok that we discovered DVII for the first time with his KPOP music cover. It took us very little time to be drawn by the artist into his own universe and musical productions. It is a pleasure to receive the artist on SPILL THE BEAT today.

(KSTATION TV recommends that you listen to the artist’s songs for a music reading experience !)

~ A voice that cross frontiers :

Park Sung Jun is a Korean artist living in Toronto, Ontario, province of Canada. It is from there that the artist let the public discover his original productions but also some cover through the greatest tool ever created: internet, under the name de DVII.

His stage name “DVII” has multiple references. It’s a reference to the KING DAVID, a biblical character but it is also a reference to the story of “David & Goliath” which is inspiring to him. The writing of DVII has been made with his friends at first and just stayed with time.

He finds interest in music from an early age, around 10 years old by listening to a lot of early 2000s bands but also after receiving his first guitar as a gift from his parents.

“When I was about 10, my parents got me my first guitar and I started jotting down riffs here and there. It wasn’t very good but it was something to get started on.” – DVII

With time, the young boy will be listening to many different music genres. These inspirations and his rather international lifestyle will lead his music style to change and evolve with time. When he practices writing and guitar he enjoys being influenced by punk rock metal kind of feel, then he turns it into something more pop electro RnB. DVII’s personality and style get sharp and with his very soft voice, he creates and shares some contents online.

He explains that he has been using the internet as a place to share his creations. Not on a regular basis at first but from summer 2020 DVII starts to produce and upload contents on different social media platforms such as TiKTok where we found him. Under the name @sjdvii The artist stands straight guitar between hands and with his mic he is ready to perform and give some joyful time for his community.

Some K-pop songs on “kind of a rock feel” with STRAY KIDS, BTS or TWICE, DVII also make cover songs of SHAWN MENDES, BRUNO MARS and a lot of  more different artists. His videos on a very simple background show off his natural personality on our “for you page”. Watching his talent, it was obvious that he was also producing his own songs.

And this is the main charm of DVII: his authenticity. With some of his cover songs having over a hundred thousand views, the style of the artist is only influenced by his personal stories.

“More than messages, I’m just offering my stories. The messages will differ from person to person I’m sure but I think sometimes the best thing is just to be able to relate to someone else, which I hope I can do for the listeners. – DVII

The artist tries to experiment with different styles and ideas of new songs whenever he has some free time.

“Seeing as how Toronto is still in lockdown, it’s really just a matter of finding a way to spend this time productively.” – DVII

And recently his way to be productive in his free time made his creating “DAFFODILS” his last single from March 26.

~ “DAFFODILSand the bloom of his projects :

Inspired by the narcissus flower: the daffodil, DVII tells the story of a person who, such as the flower, should take a time to think about himself but when he finally does it, it’s already too late. This same character is telling someone else not to get too close or she might be hurt.

The instrumental of the music has an “under the rain” kind of style which is pretty nice to listen to.

“DAFFODILS” is the continuation of DVII’s talent. In 2018 it’s a full EP made of six tracks under the name of “CINEMA” that DVII produced. It is the oldest official work of the artist.

For the occasion of his single “EPILOGUES” DVII unveiled his very first music video then in 2020 his second music video came out : “ONE WAY FLIGHT”

Among all of his tracks he is pretty attached to the track “CHEMIST”, main title of his EP “CINEMA”

“CHEMIST” from my Cinema EP is one that I’ve always had an emotional attachment to because the story I tell in that one always had a big impact on me. ” – DVII

Since the EP, singles such as “EPILOGUES” have been published in 2019 “ONE WAY FLIGHT” in 2020 and in this year 2021 “YOUNG SIRENS” and “DAFFODILS” have been released. And very soon “PRETTY BELLADONNA” will be added to his catalog of music.

~ Next, coming soon… :

The single “PRETTY BELLADONNA” also make a reference to a toxic plant, the belladonna.

“Belladonna is a very toxic plant, and I wanted to use it as a metaphor for dealing with addiction/toxic relationships. Musically, the song also has a noticeably more rock vibe mixed with the pop/rnb style I’ve been doing. It’ll be a big change from my usual sound but it’s something I had a lot of fun doing and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.” – DVII

For the moment the single has no release date planned so stay connected until its release.

For now in this year 2021 DVII plans to spend the whole pandemic by doing single and other contents online. He also expressed his will to make more music videos and live shows.

Until then the music of DVII is available online for free but you can also buy the EP “CINEMA” on Bandcamp and so, you can support the artist at the same time.

DVII sur : Bandcamp

“My latest single “DAFFODILS” was released not too long ago and I hope you check it out. I will be doing more throughout the year as well so stay tuned !” – DVII

DVII ends his interview :

Just a big thank you for showing any interest. I have plenty of things I want to put out this year so stay tuned. And mostly, enjoy!” – DVII

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