Wednesday, October 4, 2023

D1CE : Solo debuts

WOO JIN YOUNG of the group D1CE will launch his solo debut.

D1CE Entertainment released the promotion schedule for WOO JIN YOUNG‘s debut mini-album “3-2 = A” on their official SNS at 6 pm on May 31st, adding expectations for his solo debut.

According to the schedule, WOO JIN YOUNG will release a tracklist for the album on June 2nd, a title track spoiler on June 3rd, and a mini-album medley on the 4th, all starting with a teaser image to show off his new color June 1st.

In addition, the teaser for the music video for the title track from the mini album will be released on June 7th and the choreography preview video on the 8th to spark even more interest in her solo debut.

WOO JIN YOUNG is set to release his debut mini-album “3-2 = A” at 6pm on June 9th and make his solo debut. In particular, WOO JIN YOUNG‘s new album will be a complete gift box where you can see his different charms.

We are working hard to bring the unique color of WOO JIN YOUNG to fans as a gift. We promise to do our best to honor the deep love of our fans.” , said D1CE Entertainment.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: D1CE Entertainment

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