A.C.E: The leader celebrates his 28 years

PARK JUNHEE is  A.C.E‘s  leader, lead vocal and main performer, he was born on June 02 1994 in Suncheon.


Benjamin from a family of 4 and being the only son, for his parents it made sense that JUNHEE (JUN) would take over the family restaurant after his father’s retirement.

But as teenager JUN saw a Rainsim performance and that changed everything for him,now he has a dream becoming an idol like Rain. From this day JUN danced to  Rain and H.O.T ‘ choregaphies in the fields of Suncheon. His physical and vocal resemblance with Kangta soon made him known as the Kangta of Suncheon.

At 19, after long negotiations and a lot of reluctance on the part of his parents, JUN left Suncheon for the capital and joined Jellyfish entertainement. In 2014, he joined CJ&M, and met DONGHUN and SEYHOON there. Between 2016 and 2017, with the other members of the group, he made appearances in several shows and dramas, participated in buskin in the streets of Seoul and posted covers on the group’s youtube channel.

He participates in the musical “Peste”.

During his appearance on the show “I can her your voice”, with Tony Anh and Kangta, JUN shocked for his resemblance with the kpop legend and impresses with his vocal power.

On May 23, 2017, the group finally made its debut, but there was no success. To boost the popularity of the group, at the end of 2017, the members participate in two survivial shows YUCHAN and JUNHEE at The Unit on KBS and DONGHUN, BYEONGKWON and SEYHOON at Mixnine on JTBC.

Unfortunately JUNHEE is eliminated during the 13th episode. Despite his elimination JUN was noticed for his hard work, talent and artistic versatility. Indeed KBS introduced  him as a dancer but the public quickly realized that he is also very talented vocally.

He therefore returned to A.C.E with the other members except CHAN which started again in UnB.

JUN doesn’t limite himself at music and also made appearances in the dramas “Big issue”, “Twenty twenty”, “Zombie detective” and “Sometoon 2021”. And presents  “Room of solitude” sequence  with CHAN on “Fact iN Star”.

In 2020 he’s ready to invest himself in music making and  writes the lyrics for the fansong “Clover”, in which he describes his love for his fans, the song can be found in the 4th mini album released in September 2020.

In December 2020, A.C.E opens a soundcloud account and JUN is the 1st to post one of his compositions as a Christmas present for his fans.

JUN is quite clumsy and he exaggerates this trait to amuse his members and fans alike as he loves to see those close to him laughing. But when it comes to work, he’s a perfectionist and very picky so he doesn’t rest until he’s satisfied. This is one of the many reasons he was chosen as a leader.

JUN is unable to control his facial expressions, fans have given him the nickname “reaction master”, a name the agency used for a video series in which JUN and the other band members are filmed as they have to react to different videos.

JUN loves to share his life and to keep in touch with his fans, whether through his numerous vlives or his daily tweet.

Let’s wish a wonderful birthday to JUNHEE.


Journalist: Subaru
Translator: Subaru
Source: Beat Interactive/ KBS/ Mnet/SBS

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