Saturday, September 30, 2023
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THE BOYZ : “Road to Kingdom”‘s winners end up as 2nd for show “Kingdom”

Members from THE BOYZ did their best to show an incredible performance during last episode of Mnet show “Kingdom: Legendary War”.


THE BOYZ succeeded on putting on perfect stages throughout show “Kingdom: Legendary War” trying many concepts and showing several sides of themselves. Even before the beginning of the competition, the members said to focus on their storyline as they did it during “Road to Kingdom”. Indeed, they decided to select a few elements and episodes from worldwide show “Game of Thrones” and keep a good storyline from the beginning to the end of the competition.

During the last episode that was aired live on April 3rd, THE BOYZ performed a new song that has been prepared for the show’s finale episode and last round: “KINGDOM COME”. This song which is mesmerazing, strong and looks unreal, reminds us of the group’s popular track “CHECKMATE”. This last perfomance was once again amazing and gave off a perfect THE BOYZ‘s vibe that can only be  donc by the group. Despite THE BOYZ having 11 members, they always are able to stay distinctive thanks to their looks and unique personalities. This way, the group has a unique color and is composed of 11 talented young men that can dance, sing and rap very well, always putting detailed and difficult performances as we were able to see during the show. You can find under “KINGDOM COME”‘s performance:

“KINGDOM COME” quickly became a success and even before today’s episode. Indeed, THE BOYZ fans did their best to stream hard and give good results to the group for this finale episode. Thanks to stream, national and international votes, THE BOYZ had the best results out of the six teams for the show’s last round. Thanks to these many points, the group made it to the 2nd place overall at the end of the show, just behind the winners, collecting a total of 23,963.497 points.


THE BOYZ and their fans called THE B, did everything they could for the show’s last episode. The members know that their fans did amazing supporting them and helping them to have good results. From the end of the show, THE BOYZ‘s members kept on posting pictures and beautiful messages to their fans on Twitter and the group’s fancafe. All of these cute and special messages show that the group and national and international THE Bs have a special yet strong bond that can lead to amazing results just like today.

Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène

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