Since the beginning of last month KSTATION TV has decided to make you relive the debuts of your favorite artists. So it’s every day at 8 p.m. on our Facebook page that you discover the title of the debut of your favorite groups and artists.

Every Sunday at 8 pm we will give you a summary of all the debuts that we have presented to you. Did you know them all?

We started off very strongly this week with a group that left a big mark on the third generation of fans. Composed of members YIXUAN, SUNGJOO, WANHAN, SEUNGYEON and YIBO, this is the group UNIQ.

This group which effectively mixes Chinese and Korean members started in 2014 at Yuehua Entertainment with the title “Falling in love“. Promoting simultaneously between China and South Korea, the group quickly found an audience, but it was the following year with the title “EOEO” that fans around the world began to really take an interest in it. .

Following up with a group that debuted in March 2020, just before the onset of the global Covid19 crisis, the group CRAXY appears with the title “Aria“.

With their name mixing the words “crazy” and “sexy”, the group says they want to bring a new air to girl groups.

In the middle of the week we presented the debut of a trio named URBAN ZAKAPA, this trio of exceptional singers is not necessarily very popular outside of South Korea. He is best known for its drama and movie soundtrack titles, the singers being superb vocalists.

A peculiarity that KSTATION TV was able to attend is that the group is able in less than a few minutes to gather more than 2000 people in one place, by announcing a performance on its social networks. (video)

Thursday, we returned to the beginnings of a group supported by our media, it is the 5 boys of MFECT.

The boys who started by releasing the title “Impact“, no MV exists for that title, were managed by the agency Midas Entertainment. Currently the group is in Hiatus (following military service) and having left their agency at the end of their contract can no longer use the name of MFECT, you find them under the name of Xst.

To end the week, before starting the weekend, we went back to the debuts of a main group from the Cube Entertainment agency, regarding 4MINUTE.

The group quickly caused a sensation, so much so that fans, a few days after the group’s debut, robbed its van and stole outfits and other accessories. Each of the group’s titles will be a real success and each comeback is eagerly awaited, we can think of “Hate”, “Crazy”,Volume up” … the members of 4MINUTE know how to adapt to musical trends and to the global evolution. It is a shock when the group announces its separation in June 2016.

Finally to end this week of debut we have brought you something new with the 9 boys of DKB, E-CHAN, TEO, D1, GK, HEECHAN, LUNE, JUNSEO, YUKU, HARRY-JUNE.

The new group of Brave Entertainment, arrives with a style all its own. He wants to keep the idea of a group by mixing it with the style that suits him, hiphop. Wishing to bring something new and allow hiphop to popularize more easily.

Different styles, notoriety at different levels, but all of them do what they love, music, hoping you enjoyed discovering or rediscovering the beginnings of all these artists.

Did you all know them? What do you think ? Tell us all in the comments.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube

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