THE ROSE : WOOSUNG prepares a surprise for Black Roses

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KIM WOOSUNG, from the Kband THE ROSE, prepares a surprise for the band’s fans.

Kim Woosung – Lazy

KIM WOOSUNG, vocalist and guitarist in the band THE ROSE, is about to release a new song entitled “Lazy“. For now, the only information that has been published is “Coming soon“. No date has been officially announced.

The artist published 2 pictures on his Instagram profile.

Woosung – Lazy

The artist, with his amazing voice, is currently in the USA with his family. He oftenly shares pictures on his Instagram profile and sometimes goes live. During one of those lives, that he didn’t save, he announced to the fans that he was working on few new songs and he even sang a part of one of his possible coming songs that he’d probably call “Island“. For now, WOOSUNG didn’t give any other information about this new song.

WOOSUNG is the only member of the band that released a solo album, in 2019, called “WOLF“, with its title-track “Face“.

The band THE ROSE, from J&STAR ENTERTAINMENT, is currently on stand-by due to some problems with the company and the enlistment of 3 of its members : DOJOON, JAEHYEONG & HAJOON. WOOSUNG, who is the oldest member, has no military duty because of his korean and american nationalities

The bands debuted in 2017 with the song “Sorry“, written by HAJOON, the Maknae (youngest member), released in August. Fastly, the band was categorized as “the one to follow” and the song reached 3 million views, a true success for a rookie group. After a second single “Like we used to“, released in October 2017, the band performed its first concert with only 2 songs officially released. They also performed 2 songs they wrote and performed during their busking days, “Beautiful girl” & “Photographer“, and some covers among the ones we will particularly remember the cover of the song “ILYSB“, by LANY.

They song “Sorry” ranked, by the Billboard magazine, as one of the best korean songs of 2017 :

The 4 members of the band are also composers : all the songs released were written en composed by the band. Their last song, released after the announcement of the troubles with the company, was completely made by the members, including the music video. It got published on the member’s SNS and on a new Youtube Channel. Entitled “Black Rose” (which is also the fandom’s name), the songs shows how grateful the 4 boys are for the strength and support the fans give them every day.


In the beginning of 2020, the band officially and publicly announced their will to terminate the contract with the company, due to some mismanagement.

Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source : Woosung SNS

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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