ALEXA: Would death suit her so well?

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Global Super RookieALEXA opened the door to release a new song with an unconventional comeback trailer.


ALEXA released a video trailer for her new single album “ReviveR” on her official YouTube channel on June 20th, displaying a different new concept from her debut, catching the attention of fans around the world.

The trailer, announcing ALEXA’s new vision, shows a video in which ALEXA, an ordinary high school student, will later be kidnapped by ZB Corporation (ZB Corporation), the absolute ruler of the world, and be reborn as IA. (Artificial Intelligence), amplifying curiosity for future history.

With the release of her digital single “Bomb” in 2019, ALEXA, who is emerging as a global artist with a revolutionary concept “AI in Multi Universe (Multi Universe)”, wins the 2020 AAA Focus Award and “The 4th Soribada Best K-Music Awards New award for the next Hallyu artist. “

ALEXA was selected as the first artist of “RADAR KOREA” launched by Spotify in August of last year and is receiving a lot of love, ranking second in streaming among RADAR KOREA 2020 artists for its colorful musical appeal, attracting more attention as the first K-pop artist in the history of the program.

ALEXA is expected to return with her new single album “ReviveR” on July 1, approximately nine months after her full album “DECOHERE” released on October 21, 2020.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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