MONSTA X: SHOWNU, the new fairy of gifts

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SHOWNU from the group MONSTA X has been selected as the 172nd “Fairy of the Gift”. SHOWNU received 57,061,046 votes from fans around the world on the “ChoeAedol” idol rating service.

SHOWNU celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. On June 18th, the Monbebe fandom held various events with the hashtag “#Brilliant_Dear_Shownuayo” on the SNS and celebrated by leaving loving messages such as “Hope you had a day full of love Shownuya” and “Thank you for ‘to have come into the life of Monbebe“. In particular, the firepower of the fans gathered in the “ChoeAedol” community and voted to adopt the fairy-donation line.

The Monbebe were able to carry out various anniversary advertisements, such as DID guided emergency advertisements in the digital complex in Gasan, by gaining “support” within the “ChoeAedol” app where fans can work together to carry out birthday advertisements. That day, MONSTA X member KIHYUN posted a tweet on his official Twitter, starting with “Our leader Shownu Hyung, whom I love and respect always,” and expressed his gratitude to SHOWNU for leading the group. in silence as a leader.

SHOWNU, who was first selected as a gift fairy, made a cumulative donation of 500,000 won. The donation, which will be given to the Milal Welfare Foundation on behalf of SHOWNU, will serve as a fund for people with disabilities isolated from Covid-19. The total amount of accumulated donations of “ChoeAedol” amounts to 239 million won.


Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: App ChoeAedol

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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