Monday, December 4, 2023
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SF9: The second series of photos unveiled

SF9 offer a new series of photos of the future comeback with the mini-albumTURN OVER.

Total change of scenery, universe and atmosphere for this second jacket, the F version of the future mini-album. There, we find the members of SF9, in the desert, at sunset since the shades are quite warm while being dark or they are before a big fire. We can see, a new one, the tree that was in the teaser but this time it has lost its splendor, its vitality since it is only a dry stump that has even lost of its branches that litter the ground. From left to right we have, CHANI, TAEYANG, JAEYOON, HWIYOUNG, ZUHO, INSEONG, ROWOON, DAWON and YOUNGBIN. Like the first group photo, some are standing and others are sitting either on tree stumps or on the ground or on chairs.

In this new series of individual photos we find each of the members in front of the famous tree which has lost all its leaves, all its vitality, it is as if dying or dying. This decor gives a whole other emotion, will have the boys, supporting even more the dark and sexy side of some of the members and another facet of the personality of others that we find more romantic in the first series like INSEONG and JAEYOON.  Boys are known to have these two facets both soft, princely but that can turn into a very seductive and sexy aura.

SF9 are part of FNC Entertainment composed of nine members, YOUNGBIN the leader and one of the main rappers and dancers, INSEONG one of the “vocal hand”, JAEYOON one of the sub vocal, DAWON one of the “sub vocal” and the 4D of the group, ZUHO one of the main rappers, ROWOON one of the vocal lead, the visual of the group and the largest, TAEYANG one of the “vocal hand” and principal dancers, HWIYOUNG one of the principal rappers and maknae CHANI one of the rappers and principal dancers. The band made its debut on October 5, 2016 with the song « Fanfare ». In addition, we were recently able to appreciate their various talents in the program “Kingdom”.

Journalist: Charlène
Translator: Charlène

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