Monday, December 4, 2023

SF9: First photo series for the comeback

SF9 have just unveiled the first photos for their future comeback.

It is in a pure and refined universe, in white and gold tones, all dressed in white that SF9 unveil the first group photo. From left to right we have YOUNGBIN, DAWON, HWIYOUNG, INSEONG, JAEYOON, TAEYANG, ZUHO, CHANI and ROWOON. Some of them are sitting on chairs, others are standing and ZUHO is sitting on the floor on a silk cloth. In addition, in this photo we find the tree that is present in the video teaser released on June 21, we also see several scales and golden candlesticks. A rather royal, divine universe emerges from this photo.

This first series of individual photos shows us a very different facet of each member of the group, some show a sexier facet, others more romantic. However each one has a very charming and quite royal aura. We can also see that the background is also changing, YOUNGBIN finds itself in front of a white background, simple but it is not that we do not feel her charming aura.  INSEONG and JAEYOON are found in the foliage of the tree that further marks their romantic side that emerges from the photo.  DAWON, TAEYANG and HWIYOUNG meet in front of the famous tree showing a very charming and rather sexy aura.  ZUHO and ROWOON are installed on armchairs giving them a rather princely and sexy look too. As for CHANI it is half in a white background with some branches of the tree and one of the pillars that can be seen in the group photo, a simplicity that does not denote with its charming air.

This photo and the series of individual photos are for the jacket of the album version S which will be released on July 5. Indeed, the boys have planned several versions of the future mini-album ” Turn Over “, there will be a kino version, three normal versions (S, F and 9) and also a special version. A Cornelian choice will be made for FANTASY (fans of SF9).
SF9 is a group of FNC Entertainment composing of YOUNGBIN, INSEONG, JAEYOON, DAWON, ZUHO, ROWOON, TAEYANG, HWIYOUNG and CHANI that debuted on October 16, 2016 with the song ” Fanfare “ after the survival ” DOB: Dance or Band “ they won. Their last comeback was the album ” 9lory Us “ whose main song is ” Summer breeze “ released on July 5, 2020.

Journalist: Charlène
Translator: Charlène
Source: FNC Entertainment.

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