Wednesday, October 4, 2023

KARD: Solo “debuts” with his first real single

BM of the group KARD finally unveils its musical universe.

DSP Media unveiled on KARD’s official SNS, BM’s upcoming title poster, on the afternoon of June 25th and announced the new solo song. BM will be releasing his new triple single “THE FIRST STATEMENT” at 6pm on July 2nd and will greet fans.

The poster attracts attention as it shows a black van decorated with the BM logo, with the artist in the foreground, showing off his abs, and in the background a foggy warehouse. Fans around the world are increasingly curious about this poster, which appears to resemble a scene from a military blockbuster.

In addition, the poster includes the phrase “2021.07.02” with the name of the triple single “THE FIRST STATEMENT“, increasing the excitement index for BM’s solo “debut”.

BM was actively involved in the entire production process, from planning “THE FIRST STATEMENT”, to writing, composing and arranging all of the songs. He is expected to prove his worth as a solo artist with new music and visuals, differentiated from his group work.

In particular, BM, who has already shown his production skills as well as songwriting and songwriting with KARD’s “Gunshot,” “Go baby,” and “Dumb little,” is set to make a hot debut after recently collaborating with VIVE STUDIOS and SOCIETE 8PEX.

Starting with the poster, BM will be launching a full-fledged promotion for his solo debut at 1 pm daily. He plans to entice fans with various content ahead of the release of the new album.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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