NU’EST: ARON is back

ARON announced during a V-Live that he would resume all activities as a member of NU’EST (ARON, REN, MINHYUN, BAEKHO, JR).

Last January, Pledis Entertainment, the agency of the group NU’EST, announced that ARON was going to stop his activities due to anxiety. Since the beginning of the year, ARON had participated in very few activities with his group.

But on June 29, ARON announced that it would resume all of his activities with NU’EST during a V-Live titled “I have something to tell you”. During this audio live, he indicated that his health was going much better and that he had decided, after a discussion with Pledis and the other members of NU’EST, to fully resume activities.

ARON said ” I’m so grateful to our LOVEs. I’m sorry for making you wait for so long, and thank you for supporting me. Thanks to our LOVEs and my fellow members, I’ve gotten much better and I’ll be resuming activities.” He then made his announcement in English, since he knows that many international fans were also watching the live. He then added that he wanted to make the announcement himself. That’s why he held this live alone.

We wish to ARON a good return !

NU’EST members are currently working on solo projects, such as musicals or dramas.

Journalist : ARIE
Translator : ARIE
Source : Chaîne V-Live de NU’EST

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