Since the beginning of last month KSTATION TV has decided to make you relive the debuts of your favorite artists. So it’s every day at 8 pm on our Facebook page that you discover the title of the debut of your favorite groups and artists.

This week we started with a singer who is close to our hearts, she is LEE MICHELLE.

The young artist that many people name “Blasian” (half black, half Asian) was born to an African American father and a Korean mother. The artist got noticed with her powerful voice during the Kpopstar show and also by refusing to sign a contract with YG Entertainment. Her first track “Without you” is a song about difference, because the artist, being young, suffered from it. She will then be noticed as a rapper in the show “la tribu du hiphop”. A varied and enormous talent that deserves to be known.

On this second day of the week we find the debut of the group NEVER MIND with the title “Shooting star“. Composed of 4 members Kang Ji Won, Lee Chang Ha, Son In Ho and Kang Ji Hoon the group debuted in 2013 but will separate in 2014

For the middle of the week, we find a group that debuted in March 2018, composed of 8 girls, they also made their debut in China. The group will experience difficulties and will first increase to 5 members, then formalize its separation in August 2020.

For this Thursday we are interested in the debuts of the MAP6 group. Considered the little brothers of the girl’s group Girl’s day, because being part of the same agency, 4 of the members MIN HYUK, JJUN, SUN and J.VIN were part of the group A-PRINCE, only SIGN is a new member. The group is particularly appreciated by foreign fans and especially Japanese, which will naturally lead it to export and even see almost doing its activities in Japan. In the meantime, the group will have changed agency. The members announced their departure from military service in December 2019.

For this weekend eve we had put our finger on the debut of FNC Entertainment’s first girl group, AOA. The first title “Elvis” is none other than the name of their fans. The group AOA which has had departures and stories in recent years, achieved countless successes which made them a legendary group.

To end on a high note, we relaunched the debut of AMBER, who was and will remain one of the most charismatic and iconic female idols in kpop history. With her tomboy look, from the start with the group F (X), AMBER will be herself with her first track “Shake that brass“.

Different styles, notoriety at different levels, but all of them do what they love, music, hoping you enjoyed discovering or rediscovering the debuts of all these artists.

Did you all know them? What do you think ? Tell us all in the comments.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube

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