MOBIST: A dynamic journey for 4 young women

Lawyer and host Seo Dongjoo, rapper CHEETAH, former Miss Korea presenter Kim Namhee and actress Cho Hyun are going on a leisure trip.

Mobist’s third episode will be released on Mobist’s official YouTube channel on July 26th.

On this day, the four traveling companions easily get free recreation sports passes through mobile payment cards and take the heat off with various water recreation activities, ranging from luxury yachts to jet skiing.

The four young women will request a ride with the exciting music on the yacht and enjoy the summer with an exciting party.

While engaging in exciting recreational sports, Kim Namhee and Cho Hyun’s reactions to this trip and screams are also revealed, raising questions about what kind of trip it will be.

In addition, CHEETAH’s instinct to run in the water and the fantastic chemistry of the four women playing freely at sunset will be revealed.

“Funny” moments that you can discover in this new issue of “Mobist”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Mobist

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