WAO: They’re finally making their debut

Their fans were waiting for them, they finally debuted.


They announced it on their twitter account on July 22nd, members of South Korean group WAO, GUWON, NOA, HYEONGSEOK, FILLIP, DONGHWA, CHANGHYUN and RIO, artists from Kingtop Entertainment, debuted on Friday July 23rd at 5 pm on KBS2TV. A performance that the MyOne, their fans, have been impatiently awaiting since the creation of the group in April 2021.


Followed and preceded by other bands who also debuted on this episode, WAO performed their title On the fire, its first song. A performance on which WAO worked a lot, as the boys assure it in certain publications on the Fan Café or on the Twitter account.


The performance is available on the KBS World TV Youtube channel, where you can see comments from fans who seem very happy and very proud of the group’s debut. This was also the case on Twitter where fans showed their joy for the group, notably by talking about the ending fairy (An Ending Fairy refers to the shooting of a member at the end of a recording of a performance.) of FILLIP, the leader.

We can say that the MyOne, the name given to WAO fans on May 30th, 2021, seem eager to find out what awaits them and WAO.

Journalist: Pvrpley
Translator: Shawn
Sources: SNS WAO.

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