BLITZERS: A cover of their sunbaes

Are they really “Good, good boy”?

Young rookie groups have gotten us used to doing covers of current songs that a lot of young kpop fans are familiar with. The group BLITZERS, which debuted in May 2021, chose an iconic track, “Good boy” (2014) which is originally performed by GD and Taeyang of the group BIGBANG.

The 7 boys of BLITZERS, GO_U, JUHAN, JINHWA, SYA, CHRIS, LUTAN, and WOOJU, readapted the positions of the choreography so that they fit perfectly to the group. But they did not stop at that, they also adapted their look bringing more modernity to their outfits while recalling the original title.

WUZO Entertainment’s BLITZERS made a name for themselves with their debut track “Breath again” which you can listen to and watch below. The MV having exceeded 5 million views on the group’s official channel.

Boys communicate a lot with their fans through their SNS by posting different videos.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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