INTER BOYS: “Knock knock”, who’s there?

Energy and desire before they make their debut.

We announced it to you yesterday, the group INTER BOYS (provisional name), is preparing for its debut.

As announced, the boys released today a cover of the title “Back door” of the group Stray kids. In this video you will be able to discover the way of dancing of the 7 members, their synchronization and their energy. All this while dancing to the title of their elders, Stray kids.

Interpark recently established Interpark Music Plus, an idol group production subsidiary, to produce music groups. In addition to using all of Interpark’s infrastructure, the structure plans to recruit experts in various fields to establish a system to launch a new idol group with a differentiated concept.

As industry and K-pop fans pay attention to Interpark’s announcement that it will introduce an idol group, expectations are rising for who is hiding under those masks and hats.

Do you have an idea ?

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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