A.C.E: BYEONGKWAN special MC on After School Club

KIM BYEONGKWAN, a member of the idol group A.C.E., communicated with global fans.


KIM BYEONGKWAN appeared as a special MC on Arirang TV’s “After School Club,” which aired on the 3rd, and met K-pop music fans at home and abroad.

KIM BYEONGKWAN, who appeared as a special MC, said, “I will make a happy hour for the viewers. Now is like a dream,” .

As it is a program for global fans, KIM BYEONGKWAN attracted attention with his fluent English skills, stable hosting skills and empathy. Also, KIM BYEONGKWAN’s unique bright and positive charm gave viewers a pleasant energy.

As a special MC, KIM BYEONGKWAN asked the right questions to the day’s guest Dreamcatcher, leading to flexible communication with fans.

KIM BYEONGKWAN learned the point choreography of Dreamcatcher himself and copied a scene from the music video. In the “Dance Memory” game, he played various genres and captivated fans.

A.C.E, which KIM BYEONGKWAN belongs to, recently released his new album “SIREN:DAWN” and actively promoted with the title song Higher.” “SIREN:DAWN,” which features A.C.E.’s more mature and sexy charm, topped iTunes Worldwide Album Chart, K-POP Genre Album Chart, and 12 Countries Charts, and received attention from various foreign media, global music platform Tydal, and Apple Music Radio in the U.S.

Journalist: Subaru
Translator: Subaru
Source: After school club

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