EXHIBITION: Immerse yourself in a colorful universe at the Korean Cultural Center (France)

Since July 21, the exhibition “Corée / Korea Cubically Imagined” has been held in the auditorium of the Korean Cultural Center in Paris (France).

This exhibition immerses us in a magical world thanks to video artworks produced by the group “d-strict” and the artist Yiyun KANG.

A few words about the artists:

The group “d-strict” has been mixing his artistic know-how with new digital media technologies since 2004 to create original and innovative artworks. The exhibition currently at the Korean Cultural Center, titled “ETERNAL NATURE” allows us to immerse ourselves in scenes showing the eternity of nature beyond time and space.

Yiyun KANG is an artist who creates immersive environments using projections of moving images. Her exhibition “BEYOND THE SCENE” is inspired by the choreographies of the group BTS and brings us to another dimension.

Because of the success of this exhibition, the Korean Cultural Center has decided to extend the duration of it until Friday, August 20.

Two other exhibitions are also ongoing at the center:

“Chaekgeori… de la beauté des livres (the beauty of books)”, featuring still lifes in Minhwa (traditional Korean painting) style by 47 Korean artists.

“Outre mesure (Beyond measure)”, exhibition offered by the Association of Young Korean Artists. Each artist has worked and interpreted the term “Measure” from a different angle. As this word is used in various fields such as science, art, or culture, the artworks offered are very varied.

Practical information :

Exhibition dates:

  • “Korea / Korea Cubically Imagined”: from July 21 to August 20
  • Minhwa “Chaekgeori… de la beauté des livres”: From June 17 to September 10
  • “Outre mesure”: From June 17 to September 17

The Korean Cultural Center:

Journalist: Arie
Translator: Arie
Source: Korean Cultural Center (France)

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