KANG DANIEL: Hero who makes South Korea shine

The singer, and former member of the group WANNA ONE, KANG DANIEL has now his name inscribed in the “Dokdo NFT Works” which contains the names of people who honored Korea. Indeed, KANG DANIEL has always been very active, whether in the entertainment industry with his recent trilogy “Cyan“, “Magenta“, and “Yellow“, but also through his investment in donation campaigns, and other social engagements.

KANG DANIEL came in 6th place in the “Dokdo NFT Charity Campaign”, showing once again the positive influence he can have.


The soloist’s name is now alongside those of kings, famous journalists, businessmen, as well as sports athletes. This document now includes 815 people, all selected through the “Dokdo NFT Charity Campaign”.

An online auction of the “Dokdo NFT Artwork” is organized until August 24, 23:59. The benefits collected will be donated to the “Korea Dokdo Association” and “Dokdo International Solidarity” (or “Dokdo Academy”) to raise awareness about the protection of Dokdo.

About Dokdo:
Dokdo is a group of Korean small islands that are a natural reserve, especially for migratory birds. However, these islands are claimed by Japan, making them a potential source of conflict between the two countries. You can find more information about Dokdo on the official website here.

Journalist: Louise
Translator: Louise

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