MYSTIC ROOKIES: The debuts approach step by step

Mystic Story has announced the debut of its first girl group.

On the evening of September 22nd, Mystic Story released a teaser hinting at the debut of a six-member girl group on the official Mystic Rookies SNS.

The teaser consists of a photo of six figures presuming they are members of a girl group, with the phrase “it has Been a whILe to sEe you!” amplify curiosity and expectations. In this sentence 4 letters stand out “B.I.L.E”, would it be the name of the group?

Earlier, Mystic Story officially announced the news of the 6-member girl group’s debut in November and released the names and photos of three people, including KIM SOO HYUN, MOON SOO AH and FUKUTOMI TSUKI.

KIM SOO HYUN, made her brilliant and joyful appearance as Yeo Boram in the web drama “A-TEEN”, MOON SO AH, Unpretty Rap Star 2 former participant and sister of the well-known member of Astro Moon Bin, and FUKUTOMI TSUKI, a former model for the popular Japanese teen magazine “Popteen”.

After the members, the high-quality teaser was released, sparking interest in Mystic Story’s first girl group. We can’t wait to see how their charms, which will be reborn as a new girl group, Mystic Rookies, reach fans.

Meanwhile, Mystic Story is an entertainment content company that includes artists of different colors such as Yoon Jong-shin, Harim, Jeong In, Hong Ja, Minseo, and LUCY, as well as talented producers and writers.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Mystice Story

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