DRIPPIN: They will represent Korea at a German festival

The group DRIPPIN joined the German Reeperbahn festival.


DRIPPIN will take part in the Reeperbahn Festival in Germany, which will be held from September 22 to 25, and will present spectacular performances.

The Reeperbahn Festival is a festival held in Hamburg, Germany in mid-September each year, and is a gathering place for talented artists from all over the world. This year it will be held online and offline due to Covid19.

This year, the Republic of Korea was chosen as the first guest country, which makes the Republic of Korea more meaningful. DRIPPIN, who participates in the Reeperbahn festival representing K-pop groups, will show up for the opening show “Door Open Show”, an online showcase and the main stage offline.

In particular, DRIPPIN’s “Nostalgia” and “Free pass” performances will take place on the LED screen of the offline main stage, which starts at 10pm on September 25th. The stage filled with the unique refreshing energy of DRIPPIN should warm up the atmosphere of the stage and wow the audience.

In addition, ALEX, a German member, will return home and make his hometown shine, attracting attention. ALEX said: “It’s an honor and thank you for allowing the band to perform at a wonderful festival in Germany,” adding: “It’s a shame it’s online, and I hope we can meet in person next time.” expressing his feeling, that he will continue to be a member of DRIPPIN which will show great performance in the future.

DRIPPIN worked actively with their first single “Free pass” released in June. “Free pass” proved DRIPPIN’s powerful global influence by being listed in the Top 10 of six countries and regions on the iTunes best K-pop singles chart.


Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Woollim Entertainment

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