JUNG IL HOON : Genius rapper and composer

JUNG IL HOON was a rapper member of the group BTOB. He left the group on December 31st 2020.

JUNG IL HOON was born on October 4th 1994 in Seoul. He has an older sister, also a singer, artist’s name as JOO. He started his military service on May 28th 2020 and will be discharged on February 2022.


JUNH IL HOON has been a trainee at CUBE ENTERTAINMENT for 3 years, with the others members : SEO EUNKWANG, LEE CHANGSUB, IM HYUNSIK & LEE CHANGSUB before making his debuts with BTOB in 2012.

Rapper with a unique voice, the young idol has fastly shown his talents as a composer also. Among the songs he composed and arranged, the ones we’ll remember are “Remember that“, “Movie” or even “Friend“. He also composed a song for another group, younger, of CUBE ENTERTAINMENT. The song, wonderful ballad, is entitled “Beautiful“, perfectly performed by PENTAGON.

Unsatisfied of being an amazing rapper and genius composer, JUNG IL HOON also has hidden talents as vocalist. Less ease as a singer than when he raps, he shown up a real talent as a vocalist.


In 2013, JUNG ILHOON got noticed with the very famous “Gwiyomi player“, a video where he covers a song called “Gwiyomi” while making cute moves to illustrate it. This song is still very famous, even nearly 10 years later.

In 2014, the unofficial “sub-unit” of the group, composed by the 3 rappers JUNG IL HOON, LEE MIN HYUK & SHIN PENIEL, sang along with the singer JOO (IL HOON‘s siser) a breathtaking song called “You’re my angel” that was part of BTOB‘s 5th mini-album “MOVE“.

From 2012 to 2016, JUNG IL HOON has been assistant MC with BOMI (APINK). In 2013, he got the main role in the web-drama “Webtoon hero : Tundra show“.

In 2015, he made a duet with the singer HYUNA (artist of CUBE ENTERTAINMENT back then) that got quite famous. The provoking song was entitled “Roll deep“.

He was the first member of the group to release his solo album, “BIG WAVE“, on March 8th 2018 with the title-track “She’s gone“.

In 2019, he released the digital single “Spoiler“, feat BABYLON.


JUNG IL HOON is one of those people who work hard to get the results they want and to improve. Passioned by music, he has various talents. Always positive, the members say of him that he can also get angry easily. But this anger never lasts. His stage-name was supposed to be Michael.

In his solo album, he wrote and sang, in a wonderful duet with JO JINHO, of PENTAGON, a song entitled “Always“, that he dedicated to his mother.

He has the habit to always write down his first impression, so he can use this eventually during the times when he writes lyrics. During his high-school years, he went at the same Design club with BTS‘s RM.

In 2020, few months after he enlisted, JUNG IL HOON got accused of consuming canabis. Denounced by his acquaintances, he would’ve smoked drug for nearly 3 years.

While the investigation was ongoing, 8 days after the scandal, CUBE ENTERTAINMENT released a statement announcing that the rapper was leaving the group, feeling responsible for the harm.


On 2021 June’s 10th, the statement has been released : after admitting his mistakes during his first trial, JUNG IL HOON has been sentenced to 2 years in prison and been fined 133 Million KRW.


Rapper with a unique voice, JUNG IL HOON is also a genius composer and actor. Also talented as MC, he has proven he is good in many things.

Very positive person, he bring joy all around him. His nickname, the “Angel”, is due to his birth date.

We don’t forget you.

Journalist: Natacha
Translator: Natacha
Source: BTOB SNS



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