VIVIZ: New arrivals on UNIVERSE

The new girl group VIVIZ made up of EUNHA, SINB and UMJI, former members of GFRIEND, will join UNIVERSE.


On October 12th, global fandom platform UNIVERSE said:

EUNHA, SINB and UMJI, who have announced a new start as a new girl group, called VIVIZ, will join UNIVERSE. In addition, the new planet of VIVIZ will open its doors on October 15.

The girl group VIVIZ plans to continue active communication with fans around the world via FNS (Fan Network Service) and private messages in Planet, a space dedicated to artists in UNIVERSE. In addition, it will participate in various original UNIVERSE content, such as online and offline fan events, to provide new enjoyment.

EUNHA, SINB and UMJI, who opened a second act as a girl trio named VIVIZ, made their debut as members of the GFRIEND group and are appreciated for their unmatched skills and exceptional individual abilities. VIVIZ is amplifying the expectations of fans who are eager for a comeback with a new band name which means: “I will always be an artist who proudly expresses her own color in the world.

Currently, the global fandom platform “UNIVERSE” includes Kang Daniel, Ghost9, Kwon Eun-bi, The boyz, Drippin, Lightsum, Monsta X, Park Jihoon, Brave Girls, Cix and Astro, with membership from VIVIZ, a total of 29 artists will be active.

Detailed information about the artists participating in UNIVERSE can be found on the official website and SNS of the app.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Universe

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