BTOB : LEE MINHYUK seduces women at Idol League

LEE MINHYUK temporarily replaced SEO EUNKWANG as MC of the show “IDOL LEAGUE“.


During the absence of SEO EUNKWANG on the show “IDOL LEAGUE“, he got temporarily replaced by LEE MINHYUK, member of the same group, who proved he is also a good MC.

Since October 2020, SEO EUNKWANG, leader and vocalist of the group BTOB, is the co-MC of the show “IDOL LEAGUE” with DARA, from the group 2NE1. The 2 MCs proved, more than once, that they have a very good alchemy during the show.

For the first time since his debuts as MC for this show, SEO EUNKWANG couldn’t record one of the show. He got replaced by his friend and member of the group LEE MINHYUK.

Nearly 31 years old (international age, he was born on November 29th 1990), the rapper and singer proved he could also animate a show with a lot of humour and fun. While they were receiving the group LIGHTSTUM, a group from the company CUBE ENTERTAINMENT, LEE MINHYUK, very comfortable, has been a good entertainer and seducer for the ladies.

LIEN (extrait)

Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source : YOUTUBE



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