MBLAQ: The group celebrated its 12 year career

The group MBLAQ, an iconic group of the first generations of kpop, celebrated the anniversary of its debut on October 14th.

Indeed it is on October 14, 2009, that 5 boys named MIR, THUNDER, SEUNG HO, G.O. and JOON representing the group MBLAQ: Music Boys Live (in) Absolute Quality, make their official debut with the single “JUST BLACK” and the track “Oh yeah“.

The boys very quickly attract the attention of the Asian public in general because they arrive with a masculine and dark concept, differentiating themselves from the groups of boys present in the world of music. Very quickly, in December of the same year, they will make their official debut in Japan.

Titles song from the group MBLAQ will fill the playlists of kpop fans, such as “Mona Lisa, “Stay” or “This is war” and “Smoky girl“.

We wish the group MBLAQ a very happy birthday.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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