HOT ISSUE: The first 10 million views

The music video for girl group HOT ISSUE‘s new song “Icons” has surpassed 10 million views.


On the afternoon of October 22nd, S2 Entertainment said:

“The music video for HOT ISSUE‘s new song “Icons” has surpassed 10 million views. This is HOT ISSUE‘s first record of 10 million views and showed a big increase over the debut album “ISSUE MAKER“.

HOT ISSUE, whose MV to surpass 5 million views in just four days after its release, reached 10 million views today, breaking the record for their first song “Gratata”, proving to be a “K icon band” -POP “catching the attention of around the world.

HOT ISSUE‘s “Icons” music video shows the band’s musical abilities and performances which have developed further by expressing the appearance of the members proudly facing freedom and the new world that is slowly changing because of them.

HOT ISSUE meets the fans with their debut single album “ICONS” released in September.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: S2 Entertainment

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